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179 Weston Street, East Brunswick
(03) 9388 1825

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All day breakfast

Start your day with Jack. Or end your day with Jack. That’s right: All. Day. Breakfast.

Think steaming hot jaffles stuffed with beans ‘n’ cheese or Trav’s mum’s Bolognese; poached eggs, burnt butter and hollandaise piled atop the best muffin; Mr Wilkinson’s seriously special omelette; and our infamous breakfast roti with bacon, chilli, fried egg and sour cream. Whether you’re in-and-out for a coffee or settling in with the morning papers, we’ve got the goods.

Breakfast is served all day from 7:00am on weekdays and from 8:00am on weekends.




We’re dishing up lunch plates of beautiful roasted fish; wedges of flaky-pastry pies; fresh and hearty handmade pasta; and our famous Le Schnitzel – all accompanied by a seasonal side salad.

The Jack Horner canteen is also packed full of your favourite, wholesome foods so if you’re after our famous all-vego salad plate and a beautiful braise then look no further. Our rotating Le Creuset hot pots are hiding a warming dishes like Bolognese, braised goat and chorizo and vegan laksa and our seasonal salads are piled high.

Our lunch menu is available to eat in or takeaway (in biodegradable containers) every day from 11:30am.


Store / Bottleshop

Remember the good ol’ days when you could hit your neighbour up for a cup of sugar or a pint of milk? Well, Jack’s bringing back that old-fashioned charm with his perfectly-packed grocery store.

As well as flour, sugar, salt, bread, cheese and eggs our shelves are piled with household goods including fresh meat, seasonal fruit ‘n’ veg, chocolate, spices, marinades, toiletries and even a little bottle-o with a carefully curated selection of ever-changing wine, beer and cider.


Outside Catering

Want to take Jack to your work, home or party?

We just need 24 hours’ notice and we’ll have our seriously good sangas, seasonal salads, hearty braises and whole roasted free-range chooks packed and ready to go.

Drop us a note at  contact@jackhorner.net or give us a buzz on 03 9388 1825 to talk turkey.


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